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Date: 06 May 2017 View 7797 times Written by: Tín Gia Thy
Paula is the brand of the water purifier in Germany, and at the time they ordered models, there was not branch in Vietnam. Model is miniaturized in a luggage carrying case. Buckles, valves, pipes, water tanks on models was so real . And our customers was excited, they ordered 4 more scale models to take to Germany. Equipment scale model Water purifier with cover Final equipment model product
Date: 06 May 2017 View 9694 times Written by: Tín Gia Thy
New Technology Company ordered us to make the incinerator plant model. They took this model to the international industrial exhibition in Hanoi. They did not provide for us finished drawings to do the model, so we went to their factory in Minh Hung - Korea Industrial Park in Binh Phuoc to take photos and film. This scale model was completed exactly with picture and film. Customer was satisfied. Later, they ordered one more factory model to join other exhibitions.
Date: 19 Feb 2017 View 13279 times Written by: Tín Gia Thy
The Adriatic I is a model used in human resource training by the scale model of OIL & GAS Industry of PV Gas Vietnam. This drilling rig model was made by the model company Tin Gia Thy. The model was based on drawings, images and used different materials from metal, wood, composite, mica ...
Date: 29 Mar 2016 View 21573 times Written by: Tín Gia Thy
Tin Gia Thy specialize in creating product model: small- scale product model and large-scale product model such as electronic products, shampoo bottle model, cream glass model, cake model, etc… Usually, they are models of products available in market and used in marketing campaigns, they are also models of new products used to display to attract investors, customers. Whether your products are available in the market or not, give us your drawings, we will bring you “the best copy” of them. We would like to be with you to in the road to get success. We like new challenges.
Date: 28 Mar 2016 View 10411 times Written by: Tín Gia Thy
These are miniature models of equipment, bulky machinery. They are often used to show in exhibitions These models are great precision, detail so that when we take pictures, our customer can’t discriminate whether it is a real equipment or a model.

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